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Fabio Huser

DevOps Engineer
Fabio Huser is a Software Architect at Siemens. He is a founding member of the team behind code.siemens.com, a Siemens-wide social coding platform powered by GitLab. Together with this team, he provides a state-of-the-art developer experience to more than 30k users, while not only managing the infrastructure and operations, but also community building, coaching, support, upstream contributions and much more, all in the ethos “for developers, from developers”.

Besides this, he also co-founded a web and mobile framework, Siemens oldest inner-source project with the largest community and user-base behind it, where he still gets his hands dirty with the latest frontend technologies on a daily basis. With this project, he tries to spread the use and spirit of inner-source throughout the whole company and scales-up the new ways of working in software development.

Coming from an electronics engineering background, he quickly moved towards all sorts of web development activities, while also taking a foothold in backend programming. In his free time, he is always out on a hunt for new technologies and loves to struggle with them. He feels home in the OSS world and besides contributing to them, also maintaining a couple of projects himself.